The Arts Expo and Marketplace returns, this time as part of The Electric Highway! This will be our largest market ever and it is fully integrated into the festival rather than being in the fringes.

The Art Expo and Marketplace Hours:
Friday, April 17 6pm to Midnight Open to Festival Attendees only

Saturday, April 18 2pm to 5pm Open to Festival Attendees and the General Public for free

Saturday, April 18 6pm to 11pm Open to Festival Attendees only

Confirmed vendors (as of March 8)
*We will be adding more as they register

Analog Universe Games
Calgary Beer Core
Calgary Cannabis Club
Calgary Witches Brew
Crystal Vibrance By Lindsey
Free Hand Leatherworks
High Priestess Spirals (
Kehi Mantra (
Killers And Demons
Naturally Unique
Loud as Hell Festival
Moments Fest 6, May 8-9 2020
Norml Canada
Pot doctor
Tranquilizer Arts