2017 420 Music and Arts Festival Expo

The 420 Music and Arts Festival Expo takes place on Saturday April 22 from 10am to 4pm in the festival venue at Distortion Live Music Venue. There will be a variety of vendors including local artists, designers and crafts people as well as interesting and unique local businesses and representatives and advocates from the Calgary Cannabis Community. We will also have some great Calgary Food trucks in attendance and a few other unique offerings that we will be announcing soon.

The event is open to all festival attendees and members of the general public who are 18 years and older. The venue is licensed and will be serving alcoholic beverages during the duration of the event. THERE IS NO COST FOR THE PUBLIC TO ATTEND THIS PART OF THE FESTIVAL.

Here are the vendors that will be at the expo:

Food trucks in attendance: The Family Fry Guy

Cannabis Advocates and Information: Norml Canada and Weed Girls(www.weedgirls.ca), Calgary Cannabis Society HeadyQuarters & Lounge

Local Businesses: Hemporium, Pussy Kush, 420 Music & Arts Festival,HempE Health & Beauty

Artists/Designers/Artisans: Larsworks, Dying Trend Co., Josh Creighton Art, Tobias Luttsmere (http://www.tobiasluttmer.com/), Maria Joaquin Art, Free Hand Leatherworks, Vino Stilettos, Abstracts of Life, Sloegr Kaupmadr,Raven Moonstone Art, Naturally Unique

Photography: Hazzardous Material

Performance: Geometric Revolution Hooping

Tarot Readings: Millie’s Tree

Other: Calgary Beer Core, Vandits VC and Evil Eye Rock Art, Planet Eater Beard Wax, Loud as Hell Festival