2020 Festival Expo Spaces

Vendor Opportunities

The Expo takes place at the Royal Canadian Legion at 116 – 7 Ave SW, Calgary, AB on the second floor.

The Festival has 2 stage areas – the main large one on the first floor and a smaller secondary stage on the second level. The Expo will be in the room next to the second stage. Bands will be alternating all evening between the Main stage and the second stage both nights so there will be a constant flow of traffic between areas.

The Expo runs Friday, April 17 from 6 - 12 pm and Saturday, April 18 from 2 - 11 pm. Set up starts at 4pm on Friday. If you require more set up time, please let the Expo organizer know and we can accommodate. Please be ready for 6pm when the expo opens.

The Expo is fully integrated with the Festival. It is open to Festival attendees with passes or single day tickets.

There is always interest in the Expo from the general public. In order to accommodate non-festival attendees, we are opening the Expo at 2pm on Saturday. There will be a three-hour window from 2 until 5 in which anyone will be able to come into the Expo area for free. At 5pm, access for the general public will end and they must vacate the premises prior to the opening of the venue for the Festival. (If anyone attending the Expo would like to stay for the evening event and there are single day tickets still available, they will be able to purchase those tickets at the door when the doors for the evening open.)

The venue will be locked over night from Friday to Saturday, and you can leave your merchandise in the Expo area. On Friday, bands play on the secondary stage by the Expo until 12:30am and the venue will be locked at 2am. We will have security for the Expo area between midnight when the Expo closes and the venue closes. We still suggest that if you have any expensive items, that you do not leave them in the building over night. Please feel free to bring a sheet or cloth to cover your display.


The space available will accommodate 6-foot table space or a four-foot table and space for additional display shelving.

You will be provided with 2 chairs behind your table.

No table coverings, lights or extension cords will be provided. (The area is well lit and additional lighting should not be required. If you do need electricity, please let us know on the registration form.)

You will be mentioned in the Festival Program Booklet and given coverage on social media. There is an option to have your logo and one weblink in the book. See below for more info.

Full payment for your space must be received by February 29, 2020 for your business to be mentioned in the Festival Program Booklet. The Booklet will be available March 15 and will be used for advance promotional purposes. The booklets will be handed out to festival attendees as well and we will add a loose sheet into the booklet for any additions after the printing.

Business Sponsorships which combine extra sponsorship advertising along with Expo access are available. Please contact the festival for further information at TheElectricHighwayFestival@gmail.com

To register, please fill out the form on the website HERE.

Payment can we made via etransfer to TheElectricHighwayFestival@gmail.com (Password: Vendor). Please mention your company and that it is for the Expo in the message section. Credit Card and PayPal Payments are also available in the webstore.