La Chinga "Primal Forces" CD Release Party with The Electric Revival, Flashback and Hombre

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Vancouver's La Chinga is coming to Calgary on December 2, 2023 in support of their latest release "Primal Forces". They will be joined by The Electric Revival, Flashback and Hombre for a night of psychedelic madness you won't soon forget.

Tickets are available at for $17 plus S/C ($17.84 total) for credit card transactions )applied by the service provider). Etransfers are available with no service charges - please check the instructions for more information on the website. Tickets are also available on Showpass for $17 plus S/C and tax ($20.24 total).

Please note these are VIRTUAL tickets only. You will be added to a list at the door. (When you see the status change to delivered, it has been added to the list.) It is helpful but not necessary to have a copy of your order with you. ID is required.

La Chinga is a hard Rock power trio with psychedelic powers sitting on the worlds edge in Vancouver, Canada. Drawing from Sabbath, Zep, the MC5 and their own superbad habits, La Chinga has established themselves as one of Canada's best-kept secrets. The band has performed at festivals and toured in Canada, the United States and Europe. La Chinga is always a favourite at The Electric Highway festival (and it's predecessor) in Calgary.

The Electric Revival is back! After a 5-year hiatus, one of Calgary's most energetic psychedelic bands recently returned to the stage. Formed by guitarist-vocalist Ian Dillon, drummer Dallas Lobb and bassist Dan Toews in 2009, the band has always thrived on performing before an awestruck crowd. The energy and intensity of the band mixed with the psych, heavy blues and desert rock influences will leave you wanting more.

Flashback was formed in a garage in Calgary, AB, in the spring of 2016. From hashing out cover tunes in a basement to writing and recording original music, Flashback has undergone quite a drastic natural progression as they have written and recorded music and had some line up changes creating a unique sound. Flashback's latest album, “The Draconic Oath” was released June 2nd, 2023, and incorporated elements of groove and thrash that is sure to make you bang your head. You don't want to miss their electrifying live performance!

Hombre: One of the latest Calgary bands to take the scene by storm, Hombre is a combination of everything you love - fuzzy tones, killer riffs and groove that is unstoppable. Stoner muscle car space riffs is the simple statement on the Hombre Facebook page, but the image that invokes is psychedelic, expansive and trippy with a solid base to the whole thing. And that is exactly what you will get with Hombre - an experience worth leaving the house for.

Where: Dickens, 1000 9 Ave SW, Calgary

When: Saturday, December 2 Doors 7:30 Bands 8:30
Tickets are available at or Showpass.
Brought to you by The Electric Highway, High Voltage TV, The Celestial Agency, and METALHEADS UNITED.

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